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Can you Change the Band on Galaxy Watch 4?

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It is a common phenomenon that our excitement diminishes after wearing the same piece of apparel repeatedly. It is not far-fetched that you would want to switch up the look of your Galaxy Watch 4 by changing the band sometimes. You have probably been wondering if this is possible. It is my friend!

If you have been facing challenges on how to change the band on your Galaxy Watch 4, I am right here for you!

In this article, I am going to elaborate on some pertinent topics, such as how you can change the band on your Galaxy Watch 4 without any hassle or the help of anybody, are there varieties of Galaxy Watch 4 band to explore, and what are the guides to buying the right band.

How can you change the band on your Galaxy Watch 4?

The ability to swap the band on your Galaxy Watch 4 has to be a huge flex – what a step up to your fashion and outlook game! Today, it is a brown band to match your belt or shoes, tomorrow, it’s a colorful Galaxy Watch 4 band to add fun to your outlook.

Safe Steps to Change the Band on your Galaxy Watch 4

  • Place the watch inverted on a flat surface.
  • There is a small slide on the underside of the band, pull it in.
  • Revolve the band to slip it out of the lug groove while pulling the slide in.
  • Release the slide and place the band right beside to the watch.
  • Replicate the aforementioned steps with the second band.
  • Position the new band beside your watch. This will prevent the mix up of installing the bands with the buckle on the top instead of the bottom.
  • Slide the pin of one band into the right groove on that side of the watch.
  • Drag in the small slide at the base of the band.
  • Drag the strap down until you feel it is in place.
  • After the band is in position, you will feel the click of the slide re-extending.
  • The slide will return to its default location on the rightmost edge of its gap.
  • Repeat these steps with the other band.
  • Wear your watch and check the fitting of your new band.

Checking the fit immediately to ensure your new strap fits your wrist size, and if pin of your strap did not settle correctly in the groove, it will pop out right there while your hand is still on the table rather than while rushing down to your destination.

Are there Varieties of Galaxy Watch 4 Band to Explore?

When it comes to the Galaxy Watch 4 Band, there are varieties of designs to meet every user’s needs. Whatever you fancy, there is a design made for you.

Galaxy Watch 4 Bands Available at iBandio

Types of Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

  • Sporty band to suit your gym routine
  • Premium leather
  • Chain band for your special occasions
  • Soft stretch breathable band
  • Silicone band such as this beautiful piece available at iBandio.

What are the Guides to Buying the Right Band?

To decide on the specific Galaxy Watch 4 Band to shop for is synonymous to deciding on what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The meal has to be appealing to your personal interest, taste, nutritional value, and other criteria. At the end of this article, you will be shopping for the exact Galaxy watch 4 band that fits your need. Let’s get right to it!

Band Size

Irrespective of which size or variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series you own, you can use the same band. This goes for the Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm), Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm), Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm), and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm).

Clasp style

Clasp style is how your band holds your watch to your wrist. It determines how convenient or difficult to get your watch on or off.

  • Buckle and Tuck: The Samsung’s in-box bands come in this design. You secure a buckle and then push the excess beneath the band, so it stays out of the way.
  • Buckle and Loop: For this band, you buckle the clasp and then use 1-2 loops to secure the excess.
  • Pin and Tuck: Rather than a complete buckle, you will push a metal pin into one of the rungs and then place the excess under. It is thinner than a Buckle and Tuck.
  • Velcro: For this design, you will slip it through a loop, then the velcro stick to itself. This is a common design that many fitness enthusiasts use because it offers a perfect fit, so sensors stay in position. This makes it harder for the band to become undone during energetic activity.
  • Metal Clasp: This comes with a standard clasp. You will adjust the length by adding or removing segments of the band.
  • Twist-O-Flex: This is a brand of metal bands have a bit of stretch to them. It slips over your wrist without clasp. For this design, ensure you buy the appropriate length for your wrist.
  • Magnetic: This design uses magnetic segments covered in a soft material or a metal mesh, which you coil the band through, then position the magnetic clasp back on the band to fit.

Band Material

Nowadays, most watchbands are of silicone material. Due to this, they are flexible, durable, easy to clean, and very inexpensive to produce just like the ones we have at Keepwin. The Galaxy Watch 4 band is not an exception. It comes in plethora of shapes, such as well-ventilated sport bands that allow sweat to escape easily during workouts, fabrics, leather, and metals. Some materials are good for your vigorous exercise routines while some are good for your dinner parties. Some wear out or easily discolor, while some are heavy or light. The purpose of your wristwatch will determine the band material you select.

Band Length

Usually, Galaxy Watch 4 bands are “one size fits all,” This is a concern that is unique to users with slim wrist or quite wide wrists. If this is you, measure the circumference of your wrist and check that measurement against the length measurement available for sale. It is common to see watch bands in two sizes: Small and Large. Users with “normal” wrist can select small if they want minimal excess after buckling the strap.

The freedom to select and swap the band on your of Galaxy Watch 4 means you can rock the perfect watch to suit your fashion goals, the type of activity you envisage for the day. Most importantly, nothing is stopping you because you can now change your watchband yourself.

Keepwin is a professional high tech enterprise solely to suit your watchband needs. If you desire a new set of Galaxy Watch 4 band, check out available products here. Do have a beautiful watch experience!

Vivian Ma

Vivian Ma

Hi, I’m Vivian Ma, the founder of, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes watch straps for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to watch bands from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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