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How to import watch bands from china?

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China is one of the most popular countries known for producing watch straps. What’s more, these are available at super affordable prices.Thus, many wholesalers are importing watch straps from China.

But, importation can be complex for new buyers. Things may sometimes not go the way you have initially planned. Besides, it may involve challenges and risk, like price fluctuation, long transit times and overdue delivery. No worries, though! You can follow this informative guide to see how to import watch bands from china !

Is Selling Watch Bands A Profitable Business?

 As we all known, the demands on smart watches worldwide in the past 2021 was huge. We can see the interest of import watches over the past one year is very stable and high in Google Trends, which says that the wrist watches business are hot and popular. Therefore, wrist watches business is profitable, as well as the watch strap business.

Meanwhile, the other watch accessories business, including watch case, watch tool, watch buckle, watch removers, spring bars and other products related to wrist watch is profitable too.

People know, most of the watch manufacturers are from China. Buyers from worldwide like to buy china watch very much because of the fast delivery, attractive unit price, good quality watches and professional service from these watch manufacturers in China.

 But, how to evaluate if it is profitable to trade watch bands ? 3 steps to check it out quickly.

First step is to check the wholesale price on business to business platforms as a buyer, like Alibaba, DHgate, Made-in-China, GlobalSources, or search for manufacturer website directly on Google, etc., Fill in the form and send inquiries to suppliers,then you can get the factory price quotation directly.

Second step is to check the retail price on B2C platforms, like Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Shopee, etc.,

 Third step is to calculate extra cost of importing watch straps from china, like shipping cost, duty fee, package customization cost if necessary.

In the end, you can easily get the unit cost of such product and definitely come to the conclusion that to trade watch strap is profitable.

Is It Allowed to Import Watch Bands in Your Country?

It is a common question that most new buyers ask. Fortunately, the import of straps from China is allowed in most countries, because strap is not harmful item at all.

The truth is, different countries have importation rules that are specific to them. Usually, one should avoid importing products that fail to meet health code requirements. And watch bands, by no means, infringe such rules.

Yet, do some research before deciding to buy watch bands from another country. Also, make sure that this product has no restrictions on your government rules or permits. As a seller, you must check with suitable sources and figure out if you can go ahead to import watch bands or not.

How to Find a Genuine Watch Strap Manufacturer in China?

An interesting thing to know about watch bands is that you can experiment with them. Their designs often encourage versatility. Moreover, you can always try out different materials to see which one fits you. But how can you find the best manufacturer to get your straps? Let’s see below:

1. B2B Platforms

Business-to-business platforms allow individuals to buy straps online. With them, you can find your favorite products arranged in a place. It can include price, discounts, and other offers attached to the product.

Of course, you can trust some manufacturers available on B2B platforms. But, you still have to be cautious before purchasing. That said, here’s a list of a few reliable B2B platforms that can help you find Chinese suppliers.

A. Alibaba

Alibaba has always been a popular B2B platform since 1999. They have proven to be significant players in the B2B space. Many buyers and suppliers from around the globe use Alibaba to scale up their business. That should give you a hint on how powerful this platform is.

This platform gives you a range of modern features and tools, without risk. They can make your shopping experience worthwhile. So, it is pretty easy to get your ideal supplier on this platform and contact them easily for import issues..

B. Made-in-China

Made-in-China has been in operation for quite some time now. It stocks over 40 million pieces of different products, including watch bands for apple watch, wrist watch, etc., It is among the top B2B platforms that attract many buyers and suppliers. Well, you can always trust it to get only the best from it. There are various methods you can use when shopping for your watch bands.

This platform verifies all the suppliers by SGS, TUV Rheinland, or Bureau Veritas. It helps reduce the potential risks. You can access the audit reports of the suppliers online. As a result, you can search and check their authenticity when purchasing.

You can find any product with ease. That’s because it has differentiated the product categories and features very well.

C. Global Source

It is another powerful B2B platform that has been in existence since 1971. It has been conducting trade exchanges for more than 50 years. The purpose of this platform is to connect authentic buyers to legit sellers.

It will provide a solution to your B2B business by giving you trusted suppliers. The company operates through trade shows, magazines, and other digital platforms.

The global source platform has simple tools and features. These tools make your shopping experience with them easy. All you have to do is type in the keyword, “watch bands,” or “apple watch”, “wrist watch”, “watches”or anything, and you will get a variety to select and purchase.

D. DH-Gate

You can also depend on this website to find an authentic supplier. This platform has been famous for supplying wholesale products. It includes watches and other jewelry.

DH-Gate is one of the largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms in China. Here you can get tons of suppliers ready to cater to your needs. Besides, the MOQ is low; thus, it can fit your budget, and it also has suppliers who allow OEM or ODM.

The platform connects international buyers to Chinese manufacturers who sell high-quality products. Here there are over 30 million product categories with very reliable suppliers. What’s more, the platform offers a buyer protection plan and a reliable refund policy.

2. Google Search

When finding a reliable supplier, then Google should be your priority. On Google, tons of retail websites are available. But most of them belong to resellers. They are the ones who buy thewatch straps from the direct manufacturer at wholesale price. After that, they create a platform for reselling them.

Technically, such suppliers will not be the direct manufacturers. But most of them are very reliable. On the downside, the prices may be a bit high. That’s because you are not buying from the manufacturer directly.

Thus, the way to rely on Google Search to find a reliable seller is alarming. Ensure that you do thorough research on each seller you come across before deciding to buy from them. For instance, you can find reviews about them from other reliable sites.

How to Distinguish Between Watch strap Suppliers?

There are tons of watch straps available that you can select for selling. So is the number of suppliers who sell them. Thus, getting the right supplier for the kind of watch band you want can be challenging.

For this sole reason, you need to carry out thorough research about the company. So how can you distinguish between watch straps suppliers? Let’s see!

1. How to Distinguish Trade Company & Factory in B2B Platform?

Trade companies and factories in the B2B platform are very distinct. A trading company acts as a middleman in producing and distributing the watch straps. They will buy, sell and deliver goods to you either in retail or as wholesale.

Likewise, a factory typically engages in the creation of the watchbands from scratch. You can find such companies in the various B2B platforms such as Alibaba and Global Sources. Distinguishing between these two can be tricky. But, worry not, here is an outline of the things you should check to differentiate them.

A. Check Product Categories

You need to check the lines of products that the company offers. It will help you know if they involve different manufacturing processes. If a company produces wrist watch, watch bands, and other watch accessories, and accept OEM for low minimum order quantity, contact and talk to them, they are a factory.

Usually, manufacturers or factories tend to focus on one line of a specific product. If the store you find sells several different products under one roof, it is likely a trading company.

B. Platform Verification Standard

B2B platforms have several ways to verify whether the seller is a trading company or a factory. Here are several platforms and the kind of verification they use


This platform offers world-class inspection of its suppliers. It uses top third-party companies to ensure the verification process is above standards. Such companies include the SGS, Intertek, and TUV Rheinland.

Moreover, it offers access to the goods videos for information. Besides, there are free inspection reports that you can download. Such may be about the industry, R&D, QC processes, and the number of employees.

You can identify a verified supplier by checking a verification icon. This icon will be visible throughout the communication process with them.


Here, you will find a gold member, an audited supplier, and a license verified member. The gold members include the premium suppliers. They get this gold icon upon submitting their business licenses.

The audited suppliers need to hand in the business licenses. Moreover, they need to undergo inspection, verification, testing, and certification. Top companies in the world handle the verification process.

Global Source

Global sources verify the suppliers by visiting their premises in person. Moreover, they engage third parties to confirm the suppliers. They can check the business registration, capability, and credit status for verification.

The platform also includes a star ranking system. It can guide you in determining the extent of the ranking of the suppliers. Moreover, there is a unique sales team and supplier review process to ensure the safety of the buyers.

They also use reliable third-party services to verify each supplier. Such also ensure that they provide clear policies to cater to complaints from buyers.


This platform provides Seller Trust Score. A 1 to 3 start scale helps buyers select the right seller with the best reputation. The platform recommends buyers choose sellers by examining their trading history. Moreover, they can also read the reviews of other buyers.

The STS information is usually on the product page, and you can find it by clicking the seller’s stars. Here you will see the seller’s trading record for the past two months. You can also find this information on the category listing page.

2. Platform Transaction Record

The transaction record of the watchband supplier should also guide you. You need to be alert on the number of buyers who the seller has served since its start.

A seller who has a good number of buyers can state that they know what they are doing. The seller has served such a vast number since their watch straps are great, so many rely on them. Moreover, being in operation for a long time indicates that they know the nits and grits of selling. Thus, such sellers can recommend the best watch strap for you to buy.

3. Customer Reviews

Customers always have a say in the business. Most buyers always give an honest opinion about the watch straps. Before checking out, ensure that you go through the reviews in the review section.

Be sure to be careful about what the customer says about them. If they identify some drawbacks to the watch straps, then take note of it. You can choose another option of if required.

4.  Certifications Required For Watch Straps

Make sure the supplier has the proper certifications related to watchbands. Such certificates may include REACH, CE, RoHS, FCC, WEE, UL, and SVHC. Certifications provide you with an assurance that the watchband supplier is legit. Most such companies also offer protection to the buyers. Therefore, certificates from suppliers really matter.

How to Approach a Watch Strap Manufacturer for Making Inquiries and Getting Quotations?

Approaching a watchband manufacturer may not be easy. It can be challenging, especially if you are unsure about what you want. But at one point, you will have to request a quotation. You should also know more about the business they are doing, which is crucial in any deals.

Be sure of the details that you will ask to ensure that you get the correct answers. Here are some of the things that you need to put into consideration, the more details you get ready in advance, the more efficient you can negotiate with them. You can contact them on B2B platforms, or by e mail or phone call.

1. Product Model Number / Photo

Ensure that you know the model number of the watch straps you will purchase to avoid confusion. If you do not know this, then provide the supplier with the photo of the kind you want if you have it.

2. Quantity

Be careful about the number of watch straps you intend to buy. Contact them about the minimum order quantity that the company provides to know the amount that you need to buy.

3. Color

What color do you want the watch straps to be? Different suppliers may have various shades of what watch strap.

4. Watch Band Size

Watchbands come in different sizes, so be sure to mention the exact size or sizes you want to buy, for example, for apple watch, 38mm 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 44mm, 45mm are the most popular sizes on market.

5. Watch Band Width

The width of the watchband is also an important aspect that you should consider. Thus, be sure to mention the widths that you are willing to buy, like 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, these are most standard width on market.

6.Watch Straps Materials

Which is the most popular and interested strap material type you’d like to purchase and resell on your market, you have to do the market search before you start to trade. Watch straps includes metal strap, nylon straps, canvas straps, leather straps, silicone straps, rubber straps, beaded straps, fabric straps, diamond straps with fashion, etc.,

7. Payment Term

Ask the supplier about the kind of payment option they accept. If they are several, then settle on the most comfortable one, like Paypal, T/T, Credit Card, Stripe, etc.,

8. Delivery Time

You can ask the seller how long it will take to produce the watch strap and deliver your order. Such will ensure that you get your product on time and no miscommunications occur. Usually, by express or by air in 3-7 days, and 25-30 days by sea from china to destination, it would be shorter time to be delivered to Asia countries, longer time to America and Europe countries.

8. Compatible Watch Model

Ask the suppliers whether they provide compatible watch straps per your requirements. It means a particular one fits a specific watch model.

How to Negotiate and Place Order for Watch Straps?

Negotiating for the best price for a watch strap with supplier is a skill, and it requires you to know what you are doing. You need to be sure about the style, model, material, and any other thing that may influence the price of the watchband.

Let’s check a couple of things that should be the guiding factor when negotiating for the price.

Basic Knowledge about Price

Before approaching the seller, it is a must to have a rough idea about the price range. What should guide you in knowing the price may be the model of the watchband. For instance, you can expect that an Apple watch band will cost slightly higher than other brands.

Knowing the price can help you see when the seller overstates or understates the cost. So, you can use the price they mention to be the basis for your negotiation.

1. Raw Material Makes Cost Difference

The raw material that makes the watch band will determine its price. Here are some that you can check!

·        Stainless Steel Watchband

Watch bands made from stainless steel cost pretty high relative to other materials. It comes from a combination of iron-carbon alloy and chromium and nickel. They also resist corrosion and are one of the best watch bands to have.

·        Resin & Stainless Steel Watch Band

A watchband with a combination of stainless steel and resin makes it of good quality. The price here is, yet, lower and it is also less recommended.

·        Ceramics and Stainless Steel Watch Band

Such combinations typically make good quality. The costs are also low compared to the bands containing stainless steel alone.

2. Craft Process Makes Cost Difference

The processes below will result in extra costs that will increase the watch band price. But, they ensure that you get better quality watch bands.

·        Polished Technology

This process involves generating a reflective surface. Thus, providing a scratch-free surface for your watch band. Such increases the price of the watchband.

·        Electroplating Technology

This process involves applying a type of metal finishing through an electric current. It works as a layer on the stainless steel watch band.

·        Grinding Test

It involves taking the stainless steel watch band and applying it to a grinding wheel to see if it emits sparks. If it does so, it is of high quality; thus, its cost may be higher.

3. Color Makes Cost Difference

The color of the watch band also influences how much it will cost. It will be the cheapest if it is silver in color since it is a raw material color.

If you are going to deal with any other color such as black, blue, or gold, the price can increase to 10RMB/piece.

How to Make Payment?

Once you negotiate for the prices, then you need to proceed to pay. Different suppliers will offer other payment options.

A. Payment Term

You can pick any of the following payment methods.

·        T/T 100 before Production

This payment method requires you to pay 100% of the amount before production. The payment method is risky since the watchband factory may not produce what you need. So, you can opt to use the second method.

·        T/T 30% before production; settle the balance before shipment.

Most individuals prefer this option. Here you only need to deposit 30% before the production. Then, you can settle the balance before the supplier ships the goods. It is a much safer method.

·        D/P against B/L

This payment is not popular among people. But, people use it if they have a mutual relationship with the seller. Here, the seller ships the bands to the buyer once he completes the export legal formalities. After the goods reach the buyer, he will issue a Bill of Lading to the agent.

B. Payment Methods

You can use the following payment methods:

·        Credit Card, Paypal, Stripe

You can use these payment options if the amount of goods you are purchasing is small. These options are ideal even when making a small number of orders.

·        Western Union, Money Gram, Wire Transfer

Such payment options work better when you are dealing with bulk orders.

How to Carry Out Sample Testing?

When importing bands from China, you must get several samples before making a bulk order. Pieces ensure that you see and feel the watch band before the production begins.

Product Sample

You should request a product sample from the manufacturer before beginning the production. Getting sample pieces can take about 1 to 3 days to process. The model gives you a clear view of how the rest of the watch bands will look.

Package Sample

If you are importing packaging materials, ensure that you ask for samples. But first, you need to send a graphic die-cut to arrange the sampling. It can take 3 to 5 days for package sampling to finish. Here are the things a package sample should include:

A. Personalized Gift Box

It is where you place the watch band. It sets the mood for the entire package and what will be inside.

B. Personalized User Manual

There should be a guide that will help the person know how to use the content in the gift box.

C. Personalized Warranty Card

This card shows the warranty of the watch and the benefits one holds for having the watch band.

D. Label and Sticker

Finally, the gift card should have a label of the person who should receive the watch band.

E. Sample Confirmation

You need to check the watchband and package sample. Thus, the manufacturer should send them to you for approval.

How to Start Mass Production of Watchbands?

1. Watch Band

The factory should have a daily production capacity of about 6000 pieces. It is an ideal output for mass production of the watchband.  The company should send the customer a video showing the process so that they can inspect it.

2. Package

The printing supplier should take control of bulk package production. Sometimes, it will take about 7 to 10 days to finish the mass production.

What Points Should Factories Include in Their Quality Control Checklist?

You can ensure quality control of the watchbands through the following ways:

Internal QC

Different factories follow different QC checklists. Yet, the critical factors one needs to check are as follows.

1. Drilling

Here the factory should measure the size of each piece to 0.01mm correctly.

2. Partial Assembly

The manufacturer assembles the workpieces to form the exact band mold. Also, they should be 100% accurate and comfortable.

3. Polishing

This step involves checking the surfaces of all the bands.

4. Welding

Factories usually attach some components to the watchband. So, they should have this point on their checklist. They should check the welded features before shipping.

5. End product assembly

It involves 100% testing of the final watch bands against the original watches.

6.Water resistant

Third-Party QC Inspection

It refers to employing independent, impartial inspection services from qualified companies. Such companies have strong expertise around watch bands. They can provide a neutral opinion about their quality.

What Are Bulk Shipping Options for Watchbands?

The various bulk shipping options include:

1. By Express, Door to Door

It involves delivering goods to the customers by land and at their doorstep.

2. By Air, to Airport or Door to Door

You can use this mode if you want the watch bands to reach you faster. This method may be expensive, especially if your order is bulky, but your watch bands will get you quickly.

3. By Sea, Nearest Port

This shipping method is the cheapest and will efficiently transport your bulky order. On the downside, the watch bands may take a longer time to reach you.

Final Thoughts!

Selling watch bands is a profitable business. But, you have to ensure you do your due diligence before selling them.

Ensure that you verify the supplier from whom you will buy the wristbands. After that, negotiate for the prices to get lower costs. Remember, different models of bands will cost differently.

Vivian Ma

Vivian Ma

Hi, I’m Vivian Ma, the founder of, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes watch straps for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to watch bands from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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